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Who Came First: Stories They Tell I & II

Photo credit: Megan Moore

Collaboration with Seb Evans
Woodcuts on varied paper

3'x4' (120x90cm) each


Who Came First: Stories They Tell explores the link between our present and our past, looking into the role of place in the creation of identity. Further, using historical images from the public domain, the prints examine the role that photographic archives play in influencing our sense of identity. It explores the stories of places as they began, and the subsequent ventures forth into the development and gentrification of these stories, wherein specific stories of the past are put aside because they do not 'fit' the constructed image of a place. These works further suggest that there is an irony in the development of the historical narrative; the development of settler ideologies to a focus on preservation and maintenance of a balanced relationship with nature.

This project was presented during the collective exhibition Esprits d'hiver at the Exhibition Centre of Val-David, QC and at the Mouseprint Gallery in Montreal.

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