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Tell Me A Story I'll Give You A Peanut

Photo credits: Gabrielle Desrosiers, Iqrar Rizvi

Part One: performance | 5 hours | Montreal | 2015
Part Two: performative drawing | 15 min | Montreal | 2015


In these places built to welcome our passages,

In these places where our autopilot gets activated,

In these places where we no longer speak,

where we no longer hear,

In these places where the decent of social codes

dictate our attitude,

In these places where we would like to talk to each other,

In these places where mute eyes we meet,

Here, in these places, you are present, I am present.

I'm listening to you,

Tell me a story

This performance challenges social interactions in public spaces. Inspired by the french expression “vider son sac” - to get something off one's chest - I am standing in the urban landscape for people who have something to say. While they “empty themselves” through words, I become an anonymous container filled by different stories. To acknowledge this exchange I give painted peanuts to the ones that come out of their shells by talking to me (Part One). Once the container is full, I empty it by translating those stories into a performative writing (Part Two).

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