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Propagez-vous ! - Propagate yourself! -


Participatory sound performance | 45 minutes

Sound, white pannel, lilac paint, speculoos hands

CEAAC, Strasbourg (France)


This creation places itself at the crossroad of performance, theatre, meditation, cultural mediation, and dance.

It sets in motion, and in actions, the following notion of propagation: the displacement of an entity - here, movement and sound - from one body to another. Through gestures, a poetic text and collective meditation, I invite each present person to spread themselves through the sound of their own body: by clapping hands.

Together, we remain in the full presence of the "here and now". Once the discomfort is gone, the fluidity of the different bodies harmonize to create a melodious noise as well as a wandering walk exploring the spaces (from the internal space to the external space). Like a contemporary ritual, we remain like this without stopping for twenty minutes, in the middle of the exhibited artworks. The performance ends as I distribute a hand-shaped cookie to each member of the audience. That cookie acts both as an object of rupture - the participants end their action in order to be able to grab one - but also as an offering to thank them for this singular exchange. In the end, the empty tray finally reveals the following message: PROPAGATEYOURSELF.

Photo credits: Johanna Kaufmann, Nadège Riefstahl

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