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Mom's Coat And Childhood Totem


Performance | Cardboard totem | Le Donon, France | 2019

Mom's Coat and Childhood Totem is an intuitive rite of passage, an interstice between the end of a cycle and the beginning of a new one, a meeting point where the pas sage - literally wise step in French - brings my past and current creative practices together.

Dressed with my Mom's coat, I climb the sacred mountain Donon, carrying behind me a cardboard totem made in my childhood. In the slowness of the ascent, I internally try to let go of the past and future in order to grasp the eternal present. At the top of the mountain, the Mercury temple welcomes me in the light of the winter sun. Previously a point of contact between three Celtic nations, the energy of this planet would also represent the link between the soul and the mode of expression for our deep being.

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