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Les trajectoires des souffles - the trajectories of breaths -

Photo credits: Josépha Dumas, Alison Powell

Performance with graphite powder | 30 minutes

With the participation of Samuel Normand, Gabrielle Desrosiers, Timothy Schauer, and Bernardo Arellano

POPOP Gallery, Montreal


The breath is so omnipresent in each of us that it becomes invisible and inaudible. However, its omnipresence draws a continuous back and forth, with or without our attention.

Breathing mindfully leads to focus upon the vital and essential breath; then, to visualize the trajectories and the sounds that it draws. Thus, I try for a moment to catch and to make tangible an ephemeral entity that repeats itself, but that is still different at every second. By keeping in mind the following question: « In which part of my body is my breathing, there, here, now, and how is its movement?», I attempt to transform an everyday gesture in a surface that welcomes drawing.

This performance was presented during the exhibition INTERPOSE.

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