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(Amour maternel) - (motherly love) -

Photo credit: Marcela Degaldo

Performance | 20 minutes

Fortune cookies, plant-based milk, chalk

Espace Scuderi, Montreal


To Pauline.

Using my body, fortune cookies, and plant-based milk, I explore the act of eating as the act of crunching destiny. In this performance, I illustrate fate with the cookies and mother's love with the milk. As this love is the foundation of all beings, I focus on the navel which represents a visual imprint and a witness of this link between our conception and our fate. I examine the relationship between mother's love, destiny, and food by unrolling the predictions from the cookies and filling my navel with milk. Through a succession of actions, I evoke the balance, or the imbalance, of those three notions while keeping in mind the following idea: Eat to exist, exist to live your destiny. Sometimes, it happens that it is fate that eats us.

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