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Performative video | 8min 24s
Emergency blanket, bidens ferulifolia, forest soil

eMERGEncy mOTHER is a performative video where the notion of care is extended to vegetal and mineral entities; further, to the Earth. In a context of climate crises, how does one take care, protect, and understand this non-human Other? How does this Other look after us, humans? Through mutual pampering, poetic and playful interactions, we expose our vulnerability and intimacy to each other until merge together in survival.

This performative video is also a rewilding investigation of our inner and outer Home, using the underground knowledge of the body to build stories and reflections. Wrapped in an illusory layer of shiny gold, three bodies — the woman, the soil, and the plant — explore corporal dialogues while the crows sound the alarm, alerting of the plight of the Greater Body — the planet — to which they all belong.


Exhibition View. Ferme les yeux et respire. Kunsthalle Éphémère, Mulhouse. December 2022.

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