SEMENCES ET FLORAISONS - seeds and blossoms -

Photo credits: Claude Labreche-Lemay

Performance and text | 4 hours
Leather boots, down jacket, utility knife, shovel
Bonnie Baxter's Tomato Garden in Winter, Val-David, QC


During Canadian Winter, in the middle of a frozen tomato community garden, it is time to let go of dead skin in order to flourish. Letting go of dead skin as a metaphor of giving up harmful habits regarding sentient beings, the environment, others, and our time.

Through the actions of freeing the feathers of my down jacket and burying my leather boots in the soil, I address the issues of animal agriculture, speciesism, and humans' relationships towards the living world. This fable is both a step in my own journey on the path of veganism, but also an opportunity to remind that we, consumers, have the power to take mindful, ethical, and ecological choices that are significant for the present and future.

I focus on the daily capacity of privileged people, of which I am one, to support a food production system that either perpetuates, or abolishes, a hidden and omnipresent violence.

Indeed, animal agriculture not only exploits and kills non-human beings, but also chops forests down, pollutes waters, air, and soil. In a part of the world where it is not a question of survival but a question of personal pleasure, I wish to bring awareness to how traditions and lobbies blind us and refrain us to grow towards a new paradigm. Therefore, letting go of these can be hard at the beginning, but like for everything, humankind has an amazing capacity to adapt and change. Afterall, aren't we what we eat?

This performance took place in the context of The Tomato Patch project from Bonnie Baxter, for which I had the immense honor to be invited to participate, amongst other artists.