Born in Strasbourg in 1991, Mathilde Rohr is an artist who lives and works between France and Canada. Graduate of a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Concordia University in Montreal (2017), she has continuously been trained since 2013 in different approaches of body movement such as action art, physical theater, dance, and yoga. Her creative practice is interdisciplinary, moving between performance, drawing, video, installation, collaborations, relational art, printmaking and writing. Her work has been presented in public spaces as well as in various contemporary art centers and events in Quebec, France and India (European Center for Contemporary Artistic Actions, Strasbourg, International Biennial of Contemporary Printmaking, Trois-Rivières , DARE-DARE, Montreal, Zone HoMa Festival, Montreal). Her artistic approach is spiritual, ecosophical, somatic, and intuitive.



Being part of a universe of interdependencies, I observe and question our relationships with the other - human, environment, nature, non-human - therefore with our relationship to ourselves. I enjoy challenging our behaviors tinged with capitalism to see our authentic and genuine, sometimes vulnerable, attitudes/nature blossom. I create moments of ephemeral pauses, like chimerical bubbles in the real, where artistic experience arises from this encounter with the Other. Sometimes initiated by the mind, sometimes by the instinct, my practice is interdisciplinary; however, performance allows me to ground myself in my body and reach states of presence and consciousness that I wish to explore. Interested in the subtle layers of existence, I give importance to the imperceptible. Symbols, rituals, myths, memory, dreams and sacredness constitute, among others, the background of my creative process. Recently, I've also been focusing my research on food, for its multisensory qualities as well as the ethical, ecological, spiritual and cultural issues that are related to it.


2013-2017    Bachelor of Fine Arts - Painting and Drawing

                         Concordia University, Montreal, QC


2019    MindBody, Tedi Tafel - Studio Z, Montreal, QC

2019    Movement and Meditation, Égo/Éco - Parc du Bic, QC

2019    Zen and Art, Les Cinq Sens - Plounévez-Lochrist, FR

2019    Halfbreadtechnique, Martin Schick - Pôle Sud, Strasbourg, FR

2018-2019 Physical Movement, Katiouschka Kuhn - School of Physical

                      Theatre, Strasbourg, FR

2018    Professional Training in Cultural Mediation: Developing Educative and

              Social Actions for Disadvantaged Audiences  - CIPAQ, Paris, FR

2018    Nature and Movement, Sabine Blanc, La Petite Pierre, FR

2018    Bollywood Dance, Alokapari - CIRA, Strasbourg, FR

2018    Butoh, Yannick Unfricht - Cabaret Onirique, Strasbourg, FR

2018    Throat Singing, Hombeline - Courant d'Art, Strasbourg, FR

2013-2017 Indian Dance, Anne-Josée Grégoire - Studio Danse,

                     Montreal, QC

2016    Performative Narrations, Francis O'Shaughnessy - UQAM,

              Montreal, QC

2016    Between Intimicy and Architecture, Victoria Stanton, Studio 303,

              Montreal, QC

2016    Boundaries of the Body : A Post-Studio Performative Practices

              Intensive, Victoria Stanton - Montreal, QC

2016    Atteindre une Présence Maximale, Sylvie Tourangeau - Studio 303,

             Montreal, QC

2015    Attitudes et Présences Performatives, Sylvie Tourangeau - Studio

             303, Montreal, QC


2020    Seeds and Blooms - Val-David, QC

2019     Droit dans le mur, tu fonceras - Alasace, FR

2019     PROPAGEZ-VOUS ! - CEAAC, Strasbourg, FR

2019     Mom's Coat and Childhood Totem - Le Donon, FR

2016    Bring Something To Do Nothing - Collectif Vierge - DARE-DARE,

              Montréal, QC

2016    Les trajectoires des souffles, POPOP Gallery, Montreal, QC

2016    La plage de sucre -Zone HoMa Festival, Montreal, QC

2016    (Amour Maternel) - Espace Scudéri, Montreal, QC

2016    Divers Dix vers D'hiver - Lézarts Loco, Val-David, QC

2016    Holding Knowledge - Collectif Vierge - Grey Nuns' Garden,

              Montreal, QC

2016    Les Berceuses - Collectif Vierge - Montreal, QC

2015    Tell Me A Story I'll Give You A Peanut - Montreal, QC

2015    Make A Mark - Concordia University, Montreal, QC


2021    Épondes (Les Danaïdes) - Anne Delerue - HEAR, Strasbourg, FR

2019    Spirit Matters - Bonnie Baxter - Clark Centre, Montreal, QC

2019    Trois éléphants passent - Compagnie Oposito - FARSe,

              Strasbourg, FR

2018    RatKind - Bonnie Baxter - MAC LAU, Saint-Jérôme, QC

2016    L'explosion existe -  Association des Ouvrières et Ouvriers du

              Sensible - OFFTA, UQAM Gallery, Montreal, QC

2016    Lost Time - Marlène Laberge - Montreal, QC

2015    Dancing Umbrella - Iqrar Rizvi - Concordia University,

              Montreal, QC

2015    J'étais une enfant calme - Gabrielle Desrosiers - Montreal, QC


2022    The PATCH - MAC LAU, St-Jérôme, QC

2017    Piratages urbains - Urbaloko, Trois-Rivières, QC

2017    En chair et en bois : Une impression d'été - BIECTR,

             Trois-Rivières, QC

2017    Who Came First: Stories They Tell - Mouseprint Gallery,

              Montreal, QC

2016    INTERPOSE - POPOP Gallery, Montreal, QC

2016    Un paradis sans pommiers - Grey Nuns' Garden, Montreal, QC

2016    Esprits d'hiver - Val-David Exhibition Centre, Val-David, QC

2016    Can You Tell Us What They Said? We're Taped - Webster Library,
             Concordia University, Montreal, QC

2016    OFF THE BLOCK - POPOP Gallery, Montreal, QC

2015    Ferme ta Boîte - BIECTR, Trois-Rivières, QC

2014    Residency Exhibition - PECAH, Ramnagar, Uttarakhand, Inde

2013    Week-end Jeunes Talents - Brumath, FR

2012    Solo Exhibition - Galerie Nocturne, Strasbourg, FR

2012    Exposition Nocturne - Fossé des Treize, Strasbourg, FR

2011     Week-end Jeunes Talents - Brumath, FR


2017     Risque d'échec - Art Matters Festival, MainLine Gallery,

              Montreal, QC


2020  Caetani Cultural Centre, Vernon, BC, Canada

2017     Gravity Press Experimental Print Shop, North Adams, MA, USA

2014     PECAH. Manila, Uttarakhand, India


2019    Exhibition assistant for Bonnie Baxter, Exposition RatKind:

             Paradise Lost, FOFA Gallery, Montreal, QC

2018-2019    Cultural mediator and exhibition assistant, CEAAC,

                          Strasbourg, FR

2019    Illustrations for the tourist guide Strasbourg autrement -

             Itinéraires architecturaux, Editions Bleu Comm


2021    DRAC Grand-Est - Material Purchase Grant

2016    FASA Large Special Project Grant

2016    Concordia Print Department Paper Grant


2016    Student Print Association - Executive Board Member - 

             Concordia University, Montreal, QC

2016    Art Matters Festival, Montreal, QC


2016    Constructing Impressions, l'Esprit-d'hiver, auto-edition

2016    A la rescousse : the one-hour spatial residency, pouf! art +