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Les Berceuses

Photo credit: Samuel Normand

Performance with rocking chairs | 10 hours

Collectif Vierge


In a society where value is given to tangible productivity and efficaciousness, Collectif Vierge is questioning our relationship to non-action and to nothingness. Is it actually okay to do nothing? Our rocking chairs become our object of transition towards this nothingness; our pretext to re-place the rhythm of slowness and reflection in places where it is not supposed to be; our companions to acknowledge the benefits and the values of nothingness. Throughout the performance, our physical and mental consciousness places itself on both the outside and inner spaces. Indeed, by letting-go, we re-become conscious of the surrounding geography as well as its interaction with our beings. Non-action isn't about doing nothing, but more about placing the right action at the right moment Like in front of a blank page, it is about tolerating the void in order to arrange the chaos.

Les Berceuses led to a 2-hour talk-performance called Bring Something To Do Nothing which was presented at DARE-DARE, Montreal. More details here.

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